Jumpshot Challenge Equal Oppourtunity In Education


By Amy Le

GoBelieve Journalism & Editorial Intern

Internet challenges is now a huge part of social media culture that receives massive attention from people of all ages. They all have one thing in common: They pool in the public’s attention.

And now you can help the Jumpshot Challenge go viral too.

The Jumpshot Challenge, created by Gobbana and Kahlil Jackson, is inspired by Gobbana’s first musical single “Jumpshot”, which he used to open up for Migos and performed at various schools in Philadelphia. The challenge is intended to bring awareness on equal education opportunities for students, close the education gap, and make it easier for them to access educational materials.

Being former teachers who grew up in the projects, Gobbana and Kahlil Jackson understand first hand how hard it is to access good, free education. Not only will the Jumpshot Challenge help bring awareness to equal education resources, students will recognize that higher education is within their limits and achievable.

“We want to be the go to educational program of the world,” said Jackson.

So the team at GoBelieve challenge you to take on the Jumpshot Challenge! Spread Jumpshot Challenge to your friends and family and use the hashtag “Jumpshot Challenge” on social media.

You can help build awareness on equal education opportunities and close the education gap by sparking discussion with the Jumpshot Challenge in your community.

The GoBelieve team will be at Bodine High School for our very first Jumpshot Challenge performance on November 21.

Before you go,

  1. What motivates/motivated you the most at school?

  2. Where do you want to see the Jumpshot Challenge next?

Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below! We look forward to reading all of your responses and responding to them!